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The legislation would prohibit involuntary servitude for all purposes in the California penal system.
Activists and candidate for Congress speak at Capitol building on first federally recognized Juneteenth.
On Juneteenth, activists gathered at the state capitol to commemorate the day and look at racial justice issues.
Groups are calling on state lawmakers to pass an amendment that would end all forms of involuntary servitude.
Californians may get chance to end forced labor, help our incarcerated residents
‘I Want Real Substantial Progress’: Mixed Feelings In Sacramento As Juneteenth Becomes A Federal Holiday

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Edifye’s co-founder & president Pauly Jackson chopped it up with ABC 10’s Kandace Redd, Team Edifye All-Star Etan Thomas, actress/activist Ciera Foster + community matriarch Jamilia Land πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž @KandaceReddTV @etanthomas36 @CieraFoster_ @AbolitionAct @WeAreMarchOn

" I don't want this to derail us. I don't want us to sit and loathe on this....we expected this....This is something we are putting our best foot forward to push for everyday. This is why we are here." Pauly Jackson co-founder Edifye, brother of Jacob Blake #EDIFYE

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