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California Abolition Act
The California Abolition Act In Asm. Public Safety
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The hidden history of
slavery in California
ACA 3, the California Abolition Act, would amend the state constitution to end involuntary servitude.
Asm. Sydney Kamlager-Dove pushing law to end slavery in California’s prisons
Project No New Slaves is hosting a series of community film screenings each Friday of Black History Month.

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Please join @NathanielSamual coalition co-chair and author of the proposal that is now ACA3- The California Abolition Act on Friday April 15, 2022 for a screening of 13th and an in-depth discussion about ending legalized slavery!

ACA 3 passes off the Assembly floor with 56 votes. I see you floor jockey, @Ash_Kalra! 🙌🏽

This would remove from the State Constitution that slavery and involuntary servitude are prohibited except for the punishment of a crime.

I am grateful for my colleague Senator @sydneykamlager for authoring this long overdue constitutional amendment & for giving me the opportunity to present ACA 3 on the Assembly floor. Abolishing the remnants of slavery and racial inequality is more important now than ever before.

#ACA3 passed the Assembly floor! We thank @SydneyKamlager, @Ash_Kalra, and our supporters in the Assembly for pushing this crucial amendment forward. We are one step closer to ending involuntary servitude in CA. Next stop: the CA Senate!

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Join Us To End the Exception and Abolish Constitutional Slavery.

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