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story on the
California Abolition Act
The California Abolition Act In Asm. Public Safety
ACLU Gold Chains:
The hidden history of
slavery in California
ACA 3, the California Abolition Act, would amend the state constitution to end involuntary servitude.
Asm. Sydney Kamlager-Dove pushing law to end slavery in California’s prisons
Project No New Slaves is hosting a series of community film screenings each Friday of Black History Month.

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During a time when a gubernatorial candidate 1) would get rid of the minimum wage, and 2) thinks slave owners should get reparations, ACA 3 deserves a vote. Just sayin'.
#ACA3 #AbolishSlavery #NoOnTheRecall

"He’s been confined with as many as 50 other men in a gymnasium at the prison complex. There is no social distancing. There has been essentially no medical attention. Just once, a doctor came in and checked his name off a list; that was it, Johnson told me." (2/3)

"Johnson is locked up in the Sierra Conservation Center in Jamestown. He told me that he’s been suffering from COVID for two weeks, and is still feeling symptoms. He’s had coughing, diarrhea, fatigue, and dehydration." (1/3)

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Join Us To End the Exception and Abolish Constitutional Slavery.

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